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From Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Towards Autonomous Driving

The automotive industry is pushing forward the dream of fully autonomous driving. Wouldn't it be cool and exciting to be well relaxed when reaching destination after driving long distances or commuting during rush hour? Besides legal aspects, developing mature technologies for autonomous driving is challenging for all companies involved: OEMs, tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers, semiconductor companies, sensor manufacturers, tool vendors, and many more. For autonomous vehicles, the fallback performance for dynamic driving is the system, not the driver anymore. Based on our experience gained from many customer projects with OEMs, tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers since 2007, we have figured out the following challenges on the way towards highly automated driving:

  • Just to ramp up road testing efforts would not be the right response strategy to maintain the required quality level. Huge amounts of data delivered by sensors, along with lots of concurrent control and data processing tasks, are calling for highly sophisticated verification concepts that increase test coverage to a great extent, without sacrificing cost or project schedule targets.

  • Development of central ECUs requires innovative approaches for design and test. The
    integration of a huge number of software components with different ASIL criticality levels requires new concepts to meet all safety and performance requirements. Architects from different suppliers will design their respective parts of the overall runtime behavior, thereby taking into account sharing of common resources, like processing power, among all software modules running on a central ECU.

  • The interactions and dependencies among software components in domain and central ECUs increase exponentially with each new functionality added.

  • Careful design and analysis of critical event chains, from sensor to actuator, are mandatory.

  • Due to the huge amount of sensor data, computationally intensive postprocessing, and lots of concurrent control processes, it will be a long and bumpy road from "fail safe" towards "fail operational".

INCHRONs worldwide proven methodology and Tool-Suite address factors that are crucial for developing ECUs and vehicles for autonomous driving. Meet INCHRON's experts at Embedded World 2017 to discuss your specific challenges and possible solutions. 

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