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Real-Time Health-Check of embedded systems

There is a rise in technical complexity of ECUs (electronic control units) in the last decade, which is exponentially increasing in the area of autonomous driving. Concepts such as multiple core CPUs, Ethernet, GPUs, hypervisors, and a growing array of sensors are not just technical buzz words, but are components which are being intensively deployed.

We are also seeing a very strong growth in organizational complexity. More and more third-party software from different suppliers must be integrated into one ECU. It is not unusual that the project partners have never worked together before. The increasing technical and organizational complexity generally leads to a high risk in the development phase, as we have seen in many customer projects. This often means that development costs rise well above the planned budget or can even lead to the cancelation of the project. We developed a Real-Time Health-Check guide to prepare our customers before the start of the development project to reduce this risk significantly.


Will my development process result in a real-time healthy embedded system?

The thinking behind the Real-Time Health-Check

The Real-Time Health-Check came out of our analysis of a large number of research and development projects. We have seen too many fail or run significantly over budget and deadline. Based on this experience we have developed the Real- Time Health-Check. With the help of 12 questions, I can find out whether my current development process will result in a real-time healthy embedded system. The check assigns a real-time health grading of high risk; medium risk; or excellent real-time health.

Real-Time Health-Check ensures development projects are under budget and on time

 The evaluation of the test clearly shows that without a systematic approach, many projects have major problems (high real-time health risk) and none fall in the green area of excellent real-time health. It looks different if our methods and tools are used systematically. A large number of these projects is in the green area and therefore have excellent real-time health. The rest are in the acceptable range. Based on the results of Real-Time Health-Checks we define the necessary process steps together with customers to get into the green zone. It’s amazing how much can be achieved with small steps.


I develop embedded systems with excellent real-time health!

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