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chronOPT Embedded System Optimizer


chronOPT has been purposely developed for the optimization of embedded systems. To achieve this, INCHRON has extended the Tool-Suite to include an integrated optimizer which works on the same one model. The possibility to use either simulation (chronSIM) or worst-case analysis (chronVAL) for system assessment is a unique feature and makes the INCHRON Tool-Suite the most powerful tool on the market.

By providing the core algorithms of chronOPT as Open-Source, the user can flexibly adapt to their in-house guidelines and platform architecture rules to perform needed system changes to meet performance requirements. With easy constraint specifications combined with simple degree of freedom definitions, in which chronOPT can operate, the setup is quickly prepared. A convenient, efficient and fast way to ensure a perfect Real -Time Health for your embedded system.

Do you want to optimize your system?

Let's do it with chronOPT

  • Experience a new dimension in optimization technology
  • Optimize single-core, multi-core, busses and distributed systems
  • Optimize on system level from sensor to actuator
  • Utilize simulation (chronSIM) and /or worst-case analysis (chronVAL) for optimum results
  • Speed-up the design process by avoiding unnecessary design cycles
  • Guarantee the Real-Time Health of your embedded system
  • Use Open Source algorithm inside of chronOPT for highest flexibility

Do you need a quick, adaptable optimizer for your specific system?

chronOPT is the right choice for

  • Partitioning of software functions to individual cores
  • Automatic task distribution in multi-core systems
  • Distribution of AUTOSAR runnables to Task/Cores under considerations of system requirements
  • Partitioning in the borders of the specific system by defining the degree of freedom individually
  • Optimization of periodic task offset for an optimal distribution of the system load
  • Fast evaluation of different software & system architectures
  • Creation of design guidelines for system and platform development
  • One model for simulation-validation-optimization
  • Consideration of OS overheads
  • Event chain optimization from sensor to actuator
  • Improvement of the Real-Time Health for your Embedded system
  • Optimization efficiency through avoidance of unnecessary moves
  • Automatic consideration of Core-Core interrupts


In a nutshell, save time, save money and relax with your best design!

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