Perfection in Real-Time: A Key Enabler for Autonomous Driving


Autonomous driving is the most disruptive innovation in the automotive sector ever. It is going to fundamentally change the way we travel by car. Major technological challenges, however, have yet to be overcome to enable fully autonomous driving. This is why INCHRON showcases how to master critical real-time aspects of autonomous driving, at Embedded World 2018, hall 4, booth 4-300.



Building on a Solid Foundation


While technological challenges do arise in many disciplines related to autonomous driving, there is a common foundation all solutions will have to rely on: A highly sophisticated embedded real-time system architecture that is sufficiently powerful, reliable and robust to make autonomous driving a pleasant and safe experience - whatever the driving conditions are.



How to Achieve Perfection in Real-Time


It's all about creating and maintaining a thorough understanding of what is supposed to happen, and what does actually happen, in the embedded system controlling an autonomous vehicle, at any point in time.


The INCHRON Tool-Suite, a powerful and versatile software tool for developing real-time systems of highest performance and reliability, relieves engineers from a large variety of boring routine jobs. And by means of simulation, the INCHRON Tool-Suite goes far beyond what engineers could do manually.


The INCHRON Tool-Suite fully supports the predominating  standards for automotive embedded systems and covers the whole development life-cycle, from early proof of concept to analysis of issues discovered during the maintenance phase.



Detailed Analysis of the Real-Time Behavior


The powerful visualization capabilities built into the INCHRON Tool-Suite make the analysis of real-time scenarios of any level of complexity a great experience. This includes the event chain analysis all across the system, including subsystems, processors, cores, tasks, interrupts, hypervisors, buses and peripherals. All visualization capabilities work equally well for both data recorded on real embedded hardware and data derived from simulation based on models of the system architecture.


The built-in statistical analysis features of the Tool-Suite deliver a plethora of statistical data, including information about violations of timing requirements and corner cases -- at the touch of a button, or integrated into automated tool chains.


By applying model-based design and INCHRON's simulation core, engineers can go far beyond the limitations set by the availability of hardware, test time, and test engineering manpower. Moreover, simulation supports the selection of design variants based on quantitative results already available in the early stages of the development life-cycle.



Real-Time Requirements: Testing Efficiently and Effectively


Identify critical timing conditions at a breeze, using the automated timing analysis features of the INCHRON Tool-Suite. The Tool-Suite integrates very well into customer specific test tool chains, be it host simulation or hardware-in-the-loop. Master real-time by making timing analysis an indispensable element of your continuous integration process.



Automated Optimization of the Real-Time Behavior


Based on a complete set of system requirements and a given hardware architecture, the INCHRON Tool-Suite supports the automated optimization of the system design by allocating software tasks and interrupt service routines to subsystems, processors and cores, such that resources are being utilized in the most efficient way.


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Meet INCHRON at Embedded World 2018


INCHRON, the world-wide leading provider of solutions for design, analysis and test of embedded systems and networks, with particular focus on performance and real-time, invites you to learn more about the foundation for autonomous driving at Embedded World 2018. Come and see the INCHRON Tool-Suite in action.


INCHRON is an active member of the AUTOSAR consortium and has a successful long-term track record and strong footprint in the automotive industry. Listen to the voices of our automotive customers.


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