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Add-on module chronBUS

Add-on module chronBUS


chronBUS is an add-on module to easily expand the real-time simulation models of chronSIM with a virtual residual bus simulation ('Restbussimulation'). chronVAL includes the residual buses from chronBUS to validate end-to-end response times of complex networked systems.

The communication messages on the virtual buses can either be defined in the user interface or be imported from standard files like CANdb dbc and FIBEX. For every node or message on the virtual restbus the user can choose to have it excluded from the restbus and instead simulate it with a distinct real-time simulation model.

chronBUS editor

When stimulating embedded systems with communication buses it is important to include the effects of distributed asynchronous clocks. Beat effects (overlapping frequency fluctuations) will generate bursts of messages on a CAN bus and possibly loss of messages on FlexRay. Therefore every bus node in chronBUS has its own time base where the offset and drift may be entered individually.

chronBUS simulation

Sample Reports

Automatically generated reports of bus communication analysis with chronBUS

html-Report of chronSIM

html-Report of chronVAL

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