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Use Case FlexRay

chronSIM's FlexRay Simulation

chronSIM simulates your ECU software, on a PC, long before the target hardware is even physically available. It will expose performance bottlenecks, stack overflows, as well as real-time errors, such as those caused by interrupt and task preemption or by the mutual blocking of access to common resources.chronSIM is a patented design and test tool for Electronic Control Unit software. The FlexRay add-on module allows you, for the first time, to analyse the real-time behaviour of your ECU software in its interaction with FlexRay - even networked ECUs can be analysed with no problem.

Whether developing a completely new ECU or porting existing software to FlexRay, chronSIM allows you to appraise the many different design alternatives and to find the most economical solution to fulfil all the technical requirements.

chronSIM enables development departments to find and correct real-time errors much earlier in the development process. This results in a reduction in the number of re-designs and enables you to develop your ECU software in a shorter time, at less cost and to a higher quality than in the past.

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