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Fast and Easy-to-Use Modelling Tool

chronSYNTH is a powerful extension to the simulation engine. It allows users to edit the current simulation model interactively and to add additional model elements. The simulation gives instant feedback and visualizes the dynamic system behavior. The user will immediately see if the desired system structure is schedulable at all.

chronSYNTH works on both, source code simulation models as well as with pure task models. The unique feature of the INCHRON Tool-Suite allows you also to mix the different abstraction levels. The model editor and the simulation diagrams work seamlessly together with any change made to the model considered directly in the simulation.

chronSYNTH also comes with a new diagram type which eases the understanding of scheduling activities. Configurable details like start and end time, and worst case or best case execution time allow a quick assessment of the systems dynamic behavior. Of course all other diagrams like the Stack Diagram or the Function Nesting Diagram (showing the execution of AUTOSAR Runnables) are also available in chronSYNTH.

Fast and easy modelling with chronSYNTH

Creating a model upfront helps system designers to plan the schedule of tasks and threads. It helps to communicate with customers, agree on budgets with developers and provides a starting point for a detailed system model.

Based on INCHRON's simulation technology it supports all capabilities of chronSIM. By enhancing the power of source-less simulation all created models are also analyzable by chronVAL, INCHRON's worst-case schedulability analysis.

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