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Integrations with processes and tools

The INCHRON Tool-Suite has been designed to be easily integrated into customer's development processes and tool chains. The Tool-Suite's project files are built in XML to support an open standard. Integration in custom or specific modeling environments is possible and supported by INCHRON.

Python module for Tool-Suite project file

The most flexible way to integrate the INCHRON Tool-Suite into any workflow is via its Python module. It provides a powerful interface to generate, read, modify and write the Tool-Suite's project files.

Batch mode

Since simulation, validation, requirement checking and reporting are fully operational in batch mode, adding the Tool-Suite into continuous integration systems provides huge benefits and has really low entry barriers.

Eclipse Modeling Plugins

From version 3.0 onwards, the INCHRON Tool-Suite will use the Eclipse Modeling Framework. This allows our users to implement their own model transformation. One example is the Eclipse project Application Platform Project for MultiCore (APP4MC).


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Debuggers and measurement tools

Gliwa T1 generates an INCHRON project based on system information and its trace data. chronVIEW can import traces from T1 as well as other standard formats like Lauterbach TRACE32, iSYSTEM, or others, and custom trace formats.


Models can also be imported from Vector PREEvision, AUTOSAR ARXML (e.g. EB tresos), OIL, and others.

Buses and networks

Bus configurations are imported from commonly used file formats. The INCHRON Tool-Suite has import filters for ARXML, CANdb dbc, FIBEX, .csv and others.

UML Models

IBM Rational Rhapsody integrates with chronSIM using a UML-Profile to generate timing models from annotated UML models.

Requirement management tools

Traceability is an important demand not only for safety critical systems. Our Tool-Suite allows specifying technical timing and performance requirements precisely. Informal requirements, e.g. from IBM DOORS can be imported for refinement. After an evaluation with chronSIM, chronVAL or chronVIEW the test results are exported back to the requirement tool.

Workflow with IBM DOORS and Rhapsody

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