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At what development stage should you start with the use of INCHRON tools?

As a rule of thumb, the sooner the better to save costs and time. However, there are also big benefits in the later stages of development, as we have demonstrated in numerous projects where we were called just before SOP to solve integration problems.

Start in the requirement-phase

It is best to start in the Requirement-Phase and to define the timing, performance and event-chain requirements. This is an important key to success, especially in complex systems and collaboration projects. Inexact requirements often cause wrong design decisions. 

Design a robust architecture

A robust and extensible system and software architecture will be designed in the design phase. In the test phase deviations identified by our tools are often not found through traditional testing. Designing such complex architectures in a trial and error manner does not work anymore.

Constantly monitor the real-time health

What is needed is to constantly monitor the real-time health of the embedded system. Based on your measurement traces check the real-time health and make stress tests as well as sensitive analysis with chronSIM and chronVAl to get a higher test coverage.

Companies such as Audi, BOSCH, Continental Automotive, Hella, Lear and TTTech have are using INCHRON tools for a number of years, both for the analysis of individual ECUs and at the vehicle level.

How is the real-time health of your development process?


Are you sure your development process leads to a system with an excellent real-time health. Are you well-positioned to face the future challenges?

With the help of 12 questions, you can find out whether your current development process will result in a real-time healthy embedded system. This Real-Time Health-Check assigns a real-time health grading of high risk; medium risk; or excellent real-time health.

Find here more information about the Real-Time Health-Check.

Everyone is invited to make their own evaluation of their real time health @

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