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INCHRON supplies you with cutting-edge design and test products enabling you to achieve your objectives quickly while guaranteeing the quality of your embedded systems. 

Fast. Forthright. Faultless.

INCHRON products enable you to simulate, visualize and analyze various design alternatives and carry out evaluation and quality testing from the very beginning of the development process. Whether you are designing a new product or improving an existing model INCHRON tools will help you focus your efforts on the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

At each milestone of your R&D project you will be able to automatically audit every real-time requirement and thus detect and nip real-time errors in the bud. This automated quality assurance process will result in high-class products, free of real-time bugs.

Thanks to the unparalleled visualization of INCHRON's products, design errors are immediately detected and eliminated. All those cost and time consuming re-design cycles that plague the conventional development process will become history.

The constantly changing and developing market demands innovative features. INCHRON will support you throughout the development process in assessing the feasibility of implementing new functionality.

Design, optimize, simulate and analyze worst-case

INCHRON products lead you directly to products free of real-time bugs. With our products your engineers will achieve the optimum cost-effectiveness, real-time compliance and high quality.

Tools to constantly monitor the real-time health of the embedded system

View and analyze measurements of your traces!

Ensure the worst-case of your safety critical system!

Design robust architectures and understand dynamic behavior!

Optimize your architecture!

The development of the underlying technology of the INCHRON Tool-Suite was funded by financial means of the Ministry of Economics of the State Brandenburg and the European Union. The responsibility for the content is solely with the authors.

European Funds 
for Regional Development

An investment in your future!
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