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Methods and Tools for Developing Excellent Real-Time Systems

Our Passion: Real-Time

We are thrilled about all breakthroughs we achieve hand-in-hand with our customers in making embedded systems development more efficient, predictable, and user friendly.

Challenging ourselves to take real-time systems engineering to the next level is what drives and motivates us every day.

INCHRON provides a comprehensive and seamlessly integrated tool suite for embedded systems development.

State of the art. Powerful. INCHRON’s chronSUITE is easy to use and easy to integrate into your workflows.

Streamline your embedded systems development life cycle by applying latest visualization, simulation, and design optimization technologies. From evaluating design options to fixing bugs in legacy code.

We are participating in research projects to turn latest research results into cutting edge products.

Improve your systems engineering efficiency within a few days. Via guided jump start.

We provide all kinds of training, guided hands-on experience, consulting, and other services required to maximize your productivity when using the chronSUITE.

We tailor the chronSUITE to meet your specific needs.

Maintenance packages for all our products secure your investment in the chronSUITE in the long term, and make your tools stay ahead of competition.

We focus on your businesses and your success.

We thoroughly understand the challenges behind embedded systems development: From small volume niche products to high volume mass products, from low to high complexity.

We fully acknowledge the impact of usability on tool acceptance and productivity gain.

And we understand your businesses, like automotive, avionics, automation, defense, healthcare, mobile, M2M, and IoT.

Please contact us. We will expose you to the respective business expert at INCHRON.

Order what you need. At competitive price points.

Would you like to visualize and analyze the dynamic behaviour of your embedded systems? Or would you like to benefit from model-based systems engineering and apply the full-blown chronSUITE for systems design & optimization?

We offer various packages to match our product functionality to your needs. So we do for all services we offer along with our product.

Order upgrade packages to make the chronSUITE grow in line with your system design capabilities and needs.

Listen to the Voices of Our Customers

We invite you to join the community of companies that boosted their success with INCHRON solutions.
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