When Function Meets Time

Methods and Tools for Developing Excellent Real-Time Systems

Excellence in Real-Time

INCHRON’s state-of-the-art methods and tools enable system architects, developers and testers to fully master system runtime performance aspects over the entire real-time systems development life cycle. A solid real-time design, paired with early proactive anticipation of real-time issues, almost always delivers far superior results than just trying to fix real-time issues discovered by chance in later phases of the development life cycle.

The INCHRON Tool-Suite provides a comprehensive set of powerful tools that enable our customers to successfully implement this approach and use it across all development teams. For us, excellence in real-time means to identify sporadic runtime issues systematically and right from the beginning, thus making the development of complex real-time systems predictable in terms of product quality, development schedule and costs.



Real-time performance
designed-in right from the beginning


Powerful real-time performance analysis and effective data visualization


State-of-the-art real-time
performance optimization


Automated end-to-end real-time
performance testing

Find Timing Issues Before They Find You

Many automotive projects falter during software integration. Code that worked in isolation suddenly displays issues in aggregation. While these look like functional problems, they are often linked to issues of timing. By considering timing from the project’s kick-off, such challenges can be avoided.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is the most disruptive innovation ever in the automotive sector. Major technological challenges have yet to be overcome to enable fully autonomous driving. Mastering all critical real-time aspects of automotive electronics is definitely among these challenges.

Latest News

Development of Safety-Critical Systems:
The Timing Aspect

Timing issues that remain undetected or unresolved in a safety-critical system compromise safety – to an extent and in a way that is rarely predictable. Learn how to master the complexity of the timing aspect and how to perform a comprehensive timing analysis by using the INCHRON Tool-Suite and the Infineon AURIX MCDS on-chip trace feature.

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Infineon AURIX:
Unlocking the Potential of
Multi-Core Timing Analysis

Infineon’s Multi-Core Debug Solution (MCDS) provides non-intrusive, parallel trace output that is a very powerful tool to analyze and debug AURIX(TM)-based real-time systems in full operation. Learn how to maximize its benefit for comprehensive timing analysis.

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Using the Tool-Suite in a Cloud Environment

Deeper integration with CI tools during virtual verification and testing using the INCHRON Tool-Suite are now possible due to the availability of a Docker image. Understand how this helps your development team: 

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Keeping Projects On-Track Using Virtual Verification

With many of us now forced to work from home, access to traditional hardware platforms is either limited or not possible. However, project development needs to continue and that means testing regimes need to be executed to keep programs on track. Our latest video demonstrates how the INCHRON Tool-Suite can be used during the software integration phase, even when no HIL is available. 

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