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Simplifying the development of software-defined vehicles

Success in the next generation of automotive platforms demands innovative development methods and collaborative development processes. But how can you best manage this growing organizational and technical complexity?

Thanks to INCHRON’s team of experienced embedded systems engineers, coupled with our Jump-Start Service, you can be up and running in no time, efficiently comparing and finding your optimal dynamic architecure through timing simulations?


INCHRON’s Jump-Start Training gets you and your team verifying embedded system timing. Aimed primarily at system and software architects, you’ll learn which timing requirements should be defined and how they are tested. Through varied practical exercises using our chronSUITE timing toolkit, you’ll discover how to construct timing models with timing requirements, perform simulations, and report results. Verification of your design and comparisons with alternative design approaches are also covered.

You’ll also learn how your existing system and software architectures can be analyzed and optimized with minimal effort. Our training course rounds off with design verification of the final implementation.


INCHRON’s Jump-Start Workshops build upon the timing concepts covered in our training but focus on the needs of your current application. Working alongside our team of experienced trainers, your system and software architects will learn how to reflect embedded timing requirements in your chronSUITE models.

Furthermore, you’ll learn how to deepen your understanding of dynamic architectures, determine project-specific timing requirements, and then apply these to your project. You’ll also find out how to compare different design approaches efficiently.


With your team applying their newly found skills to analyze timing in their system and software models, there will be moments where a helping hand is required. INCHRON’s consulting package delivers support to deal with complex design challenges, covers how to undertake advanced analysis techniques, and provides support to refine and extend your architecture models.

If needed, we’ll also help you to integrate chronSUITE into your preferred continuous integration tool.

If your team of system and software architects wants to learn how to utilize the power of chronSUITE when developing advanced solutions for software defined vehicles, get in touch with the form below:

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