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INCHRON is an active member of the AUTOSAR consortium and has a strong footprint and proven track record of success in the automotive industry.

Real-Time Performance Analysis on Infineon AURIX

The INCHRON Tool-Suite seamlessly integrates with the Infineon AURIX platform via Infineon’s DAS (Device Access Server) tool interface. For comprehensive manual and automated run-time performance analysis on Infineon AURIX microcontrollers, there is no need for external trace hardware anymore. All you need is an AURIX evaluation board, a standard PC, Infineon’s Multi-Core Debug Solution (MCDS) Trace Viewer which comes with the DAS installation, and the INCHRON Tool-Suite.

End-to-End Performance Optimization for Autonomous Driving

High quality and safety-critical requirements, aggressive time to market schedule, and increasing technical and organizational complexity are fundamental constraints for autonomous driving. Using the most proven development methods and tools is the key to success. But which aspects are crucial?

Event Chains in Mixed AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Platforms

Systems comprising devices based on AUTOSAR classic and adaptive platforms will soon be present in every major vehicle. End-to-end timing along the event chains will be a critical key design element.

Elektrobit, iSYSTEM and INCHRON have created an integrated solution (including demo) for design, software development and tracing.

Perfection in Real-Time: A Key Enabler for Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is the most disruptive innovation in the automotive sector ever. It is going to fundamentally change the way we travel by car. Major technological challenges, however, have yet to be overcome to enable fully autonomous driving.

Simulation of Safety-Critical Automotive Control Systems

Electronic control units (ECUs) for safety-critical systems have been successfully developed for decades. In recent years, ADAS and autonomous driving have resulted in an increasing number of software components and microprocessor cores in such systems.
But what does a methodology look like, that considers different aspects of timing in complex safety-critical systems in an efficient, practical and well-proven way?

Autonomous Driving: A Real-Time Challenge

For today’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), about 50 time critical event chains have to be jointly optimized – all across the system, from sensor to actuator, including embedded control units (ECUs), buses, gateway ECUs, hypervisors, and operating systems – to meet all real-time requirements.

When it comes to fully autonomous driving, well above 1000 time critical event chains have to be jointly optimized. This is not something that could be done manually anymore. This is where the INCHRON Tool-Suite comes in handy, with model-based simulation and trace-based analysis & test.

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AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform

The INCHRON Tool-Suite supports comprehensive online event chain analysis and timing requirements evaluation, including scenarios highly relevant for the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, like parallel processing with multi-threading, event synchronization and sensor data fusion.

Event Chain Design for Renesas R-Car Gen3 SoC

The INCHRON Tool-Suite now supports R-Car gen3, Renesas’ third generation R-Car automotive computing platform for the autonomous driving era.

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