Timing Checklist Assessment

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Is timing considered during modelling and prior to architecture definition and processor selection?

Are verifiable timing requirements from modelling included with functional requirements in the requirements specification?


Are design teams aware that the functional correctness of hard real-time applications highly depends on the temporal consistency of sensor and control data?

Does modelling assess the impact of dynamic system effects, such as fluctuations in arrival times of data or the impact of high processor load?

Do software and system architects use virtual integration techniques to explore design alternatives and efficiently find feasible solutions?


Are all developers aware of the implications their section of software has with regard to latency, jitter, and concurrency?

Is testing against the timing requirements undertaken continuously from modelling, through development, and into software integration?

Can significant shifts in timing behavior be detected, even though functional tests show no failures?


Are all development partners agreed on how timing requirements for software and hardware will be tested, and on how the results will be documented?

Is tracing for the selected hardware (MCU, SoC) and software (OS/Stack) combination available?

Are results of timing testing automatically included, prominently, on a dashboard?

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