Event Chain Design For Renesas R-Car gen3 SoC

The INCHRON chronSUITE now supports R-Car gen3, Renesas’ third generation R-Car automotive computing platform for the autonomous driving era.

Renesas R-Car gen3 Support

Renesas R-Car gen3 support comprises:

  • Pre-configured R-Car gen3 project file
  • R-Car gen3 example application
  • R-Car gen3 specific timing simulation models including:
    • Image recognition unit IMP
    • Video signal processor
    • Processing unit A5x multi-core
    • Safety unit R7 multi-core
    • Various memory and bus bandwidth configurations
    • Environment model: CAN, radar, camera

Do you plan to develop automotive solutions based on Renesas R-Car gen3? If so, grab an R-Car H3 Starter Kit and get in touch with INCHRON regarding a chronSUITE license to unleash the power of perfection in real-time.

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