Event Chains in Mixed AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Platforms

End-to-End Analysis in Safety-Critical Systems

Systems comprising devices based on AUTOSAR classic and adaptive platforms will soon be present in every major vehicle. End-to-end timing along the event chains will be a critical key design element.
Elektrobit, iSYSTEM and INCHRON have created an integrated solution (including demo) for design, software development and tracing.
For highly automated and autonomous driving high computing power is needed. High performance controllers with AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform have to be integrated with ECUs based on the AUTOSAR Classic Platform (e.g. smart sensors and smart actuators). This kind of systems will be used in the near future in series production vehicles. With a centralized E / E architecture in the vehicle, there will be a large amount of data exchange between high-performance controllers and the “classic” ECUs. The overall functionality results from the interaction of both platforms.

The real-time requirements for the overall system and event chains along the data flows must be taken into account, including service-based communication. There are usually real-time critical data flows between classic platform and adaptive platform elements covering input signal processing, service oriented communication between via ARA::COM / SOME/IP / Ethernet and further signal processing. All these items need to be designed well in the architecture/design stage of a project as well as tested through the overall project. INCHRON provides the chronSUITE to cover the complete development cycle comprising design-, optimization-, analysis- and test phases. A simulation is used to verify the timing behavior of the components against their timing requirements specified along event chains.

During system development, event chain aware tracing supports verifying real time behavior.
Single event steps can be restored from trace data and visualized, analyzed and checked against real-time requirements in the context of their corresponding event chains.
As part of the setup, timing measurements are performed on the actual ECUs by means of hardware tracing.
ElektrobitiSYSTEM and INCHRON have created a common demonstrator that shows the symbiosis comprehensively. The classic AUTOSAR platform is based on a Infineon AURIX hardware and a Elektrobit tresos classic AUTOSAR stack. The adaptive AUTOSAR platform is based on an Renesas R-Car H3 and a Elektrobit corbos AUTOSAR adaptive platform software. For tracing both Renesas R-Car H3 and Infineon Aurix a iSYSTEM IC5700 with iSYSTEM IOM6-Hub is used and both sides can be synchronized.
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