Shaping Real-Time Systems Engineering of Tomorrow

Your competitive edge

Reduced time-to-market

INCHRON’s products enable you to analyze, optimize and validate the design of your embedded system and embedded software from the beginning of the development process.

This way you will eliminate many previously unavoidable re-design cycles and consequently drastically reduce the development time. Your products will be launched much faster!

Reduced R&D spending

With INCHRON’s products you avoid project delays and improve time-to-market of your embedded systems. No delays, quicker market launch: This will significantly reduce your R&D cost, giving you the competitive edge.

Fast feasibility studies

Markets, such as information technology and telecommunication, are fast moving. Emerging trends and requirements have to be identified and implemented quickly into new products.

Often new requirements (so called change requests) are identified during the R&D phase. Companies have to make fast and reliable estimations of the impact of these requirements on product cost and time-to-market and face the question; “Is it possible to integrate new features into the current design or is a comprehensive re-design necessary?”

INCHRON’s products provide an immediate answer to this question. The result: You adapt quickly to new trends and transform them quickly and unerringly into high quality products.

Lower product costs

Embedded systems have a clearly outlined function and task field and are hence ideally suited to optimization of the hardware in place. With INCHRON tools you no longer select your hardware during the process of system design merely on the basis of estimates and empirical values.

INCHRON tools protect you from using over dimensioned components in order to ensure fulfilment of real-time requirements. Instead, you use hardware whose performance is best suited to the task at hand. In this way you save considerably on overall product costs – especially for systems produced in large volumes.

Avoiding product recalls

Using INCHRON’s products boosts the quality and reliability of your embedded system and its software. Real-time faults, which are often tricky and difficult to detect, will be identified and eliminated from the beginning of the design phase. Hence, you will abolish one of the most common reasons for recalling products shipped to customers.

“We enable our customers to develop their embedded systems in shorter time and at lower cost while simultaneously achieving a higher standard of quality. Therefore we provide best class tools combined with a methodology proven in the field and customer centric training and consulting.”

Dr. Ralf Münzenberer and Matthias Dörfel, co-founders of INCHRON

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