Successfully moving from Assisted to Autonomous driving systems

With ADAS technology level 2 already stretching engineering resources to their limits, it is fair to ask how we will successfully move to level 3, let alone level 5. It is clear that new approaches are needed, not to replace today’s development processes, but to augment them to match current and future needs.

With over a decade working alongside the world’s best automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, INCHRON has amassed significant experience in both ADAS and AD technology. Without doubt, issues around timing are a significant cause of delay in completing projects on time and they are being detected too late in the development cycle.

Our white paper looks at these challenges, covering:
  • Why more powerful processors and SoCs alone are not resolving the issues.
  • How early definition of timing budgets clarifies real-time requirements.
  • Advantages of considering sensor to actuator timing as an event chain.
  • Application of this approach even in mixed-criticality domain controllers.
  • The improvements frontloading through virtual verification deliver.
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