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Model Based development of real-time behavior in systems and networks

Solutions for the development and quality assurance of real-time critical software for embedded systems and networks

INCHRON GmbH is a worldwide leading provider of solutions for the development of real-time critical embedded systems and networks. The INCHRON Tool-Suite offers technologically unique design and test tools for model-based real-time simulation and analysis. It consists of the core components chronSIM and chronVAL plus a range of add-on products.

INCHRON Professional Services also provide consultancy, training and development services. They methodically support engineers, developers and designers in managing the real-time risks of their embedded systems.

IBM Interview: Hella and INCHRON


Customer Statements

We frequently get positive feedback from our users that we want to share with you.
Read here what our customers say about the advantages of working with INCHRON solutions.

Return on Invest Calculator

Based on many projects with customers and feedback from our users we designed a presentation and a calculator to show you your individual ROI for your embedded systems development.

Contact us for your individual presentation of the ROI calculation with your numbers.

Tool-Suite Videos

INCHRON has recorded tool demos for you. See chronSIM, chronVAL and chronVIEW in action!

INCHRON Tool-Suite Videos

INCHRON videos are now also available on our new YouTube Channel


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