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for Renesas R-Car gen3 SoC

The INCHRON Tool-Suite now supports R-Car gen3, Renesas' third generation R-Car automotive computing platform for the autonomous driving era. Visit the INCHRON booth at Embedded World 2018 to see our R-Car demo.


Renesas R-Car gen3 Support

Renesas R-Car gen3 support includes:
- Pre-configured R-Car gen3 project file
- R-Car gen3 example application
- R-Car gen3 specific timing simulation models including: 
- Image recognition unit IMP
- Video signal processor
- Processing unit A5x multi-core
- Safety unit R7 multi-core 
- Various memory and bus bandwidth configurations 
- Environment model: CAN, radar, camera 

Do you plan to develop automotive solutions based on Renesas R-Car gen3? If so, grab an R-Car H3 Starter Kit and get in touch with INCHRON regarding a Tool-Suite license to unleash the power of perfection in real-time.

Meet INCHRON at Embedded World 2018

INCHRON, the world-wide leading provider of solutions for design, analysis and test of embedded systems and networks, with particular focus on performance and real-time, invites you to learn more about the foundation for autonomous driving at Embedded World 2018. Come and see the INCHRON Tool-Suite in action.

INCHRON is an active member of the AUTOSAR consortium and has a successful long-term track record and strong footprint in the automotive industry. Listen to the voices of our automotive customers.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment at INCHRON's booth. Or just come by.

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