Press Releases

INCHRON Announces its Incorporation as a Public Limited Company

Future secured for continued innovation of advanced timing analysis tools
to support highest complexity automotive applications

Erlangen, Germany, 9th March 2020

INCHRON AG, previously a private limited company, announced today that is has successfully completed incorporation to form a public limited company. This follows a successful round of investment for an undisclosed sum which will allow the organization to maintain its independence while continuing to innovate. Additionally, the company headquarters will be relocating from Potsdam to Erlangen, providing opportunity for the organization to broaden the portfolio of support services that will underpin its growing timing analysis software solutions for electrical automotive systems.

Efficiently check the real-time behavior of real hardware

Toolbox from PLS and INCHRON makes it easier to detect and correct timing errors

Lauta/Potsdam, Germany, October 21, 2019

PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme and INCHRON offer a joint toolbox for efficient visualization and analysis of real-time systems. The optimally coordinated hardware and software package of the two companies enables developers of complex real-time-critical applications in automotive and industrial environments to comprehensively and accurately assess the dependencies of a wide variety of events and their timing behavior in a real control unit.

A.I. Corporation: INCHRON’s New Sales Partner in Japan

A.I. Corporation to Provide INCHRON Solutions, Support, Services, Consulting and Training to Embedded Systems Developers in Japan

Potsdam, July 26th, 2017.

INCHRON GmbH, headquartered in Potsdam, Germany, and A.I. Corporation (AIC), based in Tokyo, Japan, announce their sales partnership today. INCHRON is a leading global maker of cutting-edge tools, and a provider of services and consulting for the design, simulation, optimization, and testing of embedded systems and networks. A.I. Corporation, a solutions vendor, provides marketing, development and engineering services, focused on the engineering of software for embedded systems, communications and networks.

Efficient Development of Automotive Embedded Systems

INCHRON, iSYSTEM, OpenSynergy and Renesas Electronics Europe Team Up to Demonstrate Efficient Development of Automotive Embedded Systems

Potsdam / Schwabhausen / Berlin / Dusseldorf, March 7, 2017.

Automotive embedded systems demand the highest degree of reliability and safety in long-term operation. At the same time, the development of these often very complex systems is also subject to high costs and pressure to meet customer’s delivery deadline. At the Embedded World 2017, the companies INCHRON, iSYSTEM, OpenSynergy and Renesas Elecronics Europe will jointly present a demonstrator for car driver assistance systems that enables the fulfilment of all these requirements through a consistent use of state of the art platforms, software technologies and development tools.

Combining Forces: Optimized Hypervisor Technology

INCHRON and OpenSynergy Announce Cooperation

Berlin, October 17, 2016.

OpenSynergy GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, and Potsdam-based INCHRON GmbH announce their cooperation today. INCHRON is an expert at creating models to simulate the dynamic behavior of embedded systems for real-time and performance optimization. OpenSynergy specializes in embedded automotive software and will use these new models to optimize their hypervisor technology.

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