Shaping Real-Time Systems Engineering of Tomorrow

INCHRON Professional Services

As engineers create increasingly complex software for embedded systems, they face a series of hurdles. Decisions made at each design stage affect the stages before and after it. This means choices made early in the design process often have lasting impact on performance, cost, and quality. Properly handling the interdependent nature of this process helps to ensure that you achieve your market window and, ultimately, your revenue and profit goals.

INCHRON Professional Services brings a comprehensive approach to your development - one that helps to speed your product to market.

Trusted Partner

You can rely on INCHRON to become a trustworthy partner in your development process, providing complementary capabilities that allow you to allocate your core resources where they add the most value.

INCHRON realizes that our customers require more than a quick technological fix. We help you meet to your broader business and project goals. Each service engagement is tailored to your specific design, budget, and schedule.

5 Steps of Professional Services

INCHRON Professional Services starts by considering your current software design, operating constraints, and design goals. Then, always working closely with you, we identify the most effective ways to guarantee your success. This may entail anything from analyzing and comparing different design options to performance analysis and working with your team to optimize the dynamic behaviour of your real-time-capable software.

INCHRON Professional Services collaborates with you to achieve greater efficiency and faster turnaround during all phases of a project.

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