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Real-Time Training

INCHRON offers various training options for the INCHRON Tool-Suite, the Task-Models and specialized focussed trainings. Customers can attend open training courses (2 days) held bi-monthly in different locations close to our customers.

Alternatively customers can book customized trainings held at the customer's site to jump start the projects with chronSIM and chronVAL. The training can be tailored to the customer's needs and focus his application and project.

Our training courses:

  • Tool-Suite
  • Task-Model
  • Multi-Core
  • AUTOSAR Timing
  • Robust Architecture Design

Contact us for further details and ask for an individual training offer.

Tool-Suite Training (two days)

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Training Topics

  • Course Goals and Preconditions
  • Introdution to Embedded Systems and Real-Time
  • Abstraction and Modeling of a System
  • Task-Models
  • chronSIM/chronVAL Structure and Operation
  • Add-On Modules chronEST and chronBUS
  • System Analysis

Task-Model Training (one day)

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In a special training module INCHRON provides advanced know-how on Task-Models. The users will learn how to model a design from scratch, find the correct abstraction level and interpret the results.

The unmatched ability of Task-Models to improve the collaboration in embedded system development, enables the users to develop more effective and more reliable embedded systems.

Multi-Core Training (one day)

Focussed Training:
Mastering Complexity when using Multi-Core
Mastering the increasing complexity of embedded systems leads to integrate more and more functionality into so called domain ECUs. In order to get enough CPU performance multi-core systems seems to be the correct solution but they can be a nightmare as well. This training focuses on challenges and technical pitfalls designing multi-core systems. With the help of understandable and realistic examples the participant will be trained in modeling, analyze and optimization of multi-core systems. This leads to a comprehensive advantage mastering the future technology challenges. The training focuses on engineers and technical leaders.

AUTOSAR Timing Training (half day)

Focussed Training:
Specification of timing in AUTOSAR 4.0
The standard AUTOSAR 4.0 covers the powerful specification of timing behavior including timing requirements. As an active member of AUTOSAR, combined with the long-time experience of design, analysis and optimization of real-time systems, INCHRON has the deep knowledge to train participants to be able to master the future challenges in developing real-time systems. The participants will become experts in understanding the timing behavior during the development of AUTOSAR systems. The training focuses on engineers.

Robust Architecture Design (one day)

Focussed Training:
Mastering the supplier's nightmare of integrating more and more functionality by designing robust architectures upfront.
After the tender phase,  the OEM requests to integrate more and more functions. Without an upfront and fast overview of the possibility of the integration, it will lead to a project nightmare and overtime hours. The easy and crucial solution to handle such requests in daily business is to design a robust architecture at the starting point in order to be flexible to realize or refuse the OEM's wishes during the project. With the help of hands-on examples the participant of this training will get a deep understanding how to model, analyze and design robust architectures including the avoidance of design pitfalls.

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