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Worst-case Validator


chronVAL is a worst-case analysis tool. It enables users to analyze, optimize and validate single-core, multi-core, multi-processor and distributed embedded systems with regard to worst-case scenarios. The integrated design, diagnosis and test abilities allows architects to analyze the worst-case behavior of embedded systems and bus communication. Due to state of the art algorithms, chronVAL delivers precise, meaningful results very fast. With increasing complexity of modern systems, chronVAL brings significant time and detail advantages in comparison with existing tools.


Are you sure your system works correctly under worst-case conditions?

Figure it out with chronVAL

    • Select your view: single-core, multi-core, multi-processor, buses or distributed systems with several processors
    • Identify timing bottlenecks
    • Determine worst-case: end-to-end timings, task suspension times, bus and CPU loads
    • Analyze worst-case latencies of event chains (end-to-end timing from sensor to actuator)
    • Determine worst-case bursts on buses (e.g. Ethernet, CAN, FlexRay dynamic part)

      chronVAL the essential and vital tool for

      • System and software architects of real-time critical systems
      • Safety engineers
      • Timing engineers
      • Test engineers

      chronVAL the best tool to

      • Design robust, scalable and efficient dynamic system and software architectures for worst-case conditions
      • Ensure the worst-case for safety critical systems (e.g. IEC61508, ISO26262, DO-178B)
      • Validate the real-time compliance with cutting-edge mathematical algorithms
      • Specify and validate best-case and worst-case time budgets of tasks, ISRs, software components, functions, inter core and inter processor communication
      • Safeguard end-to-end timing protection under worst-case conditions
      • Consider best-case and worst-case interrupt rates caused by sensors, peripherals or buses
      • Validate the worst-case behavior based on measurement traces
      • Design safety margin to avoid butterfly effects
      • Reduce the risk to fail already at the beginning
      • Make feasibility studies for new features/software components after change requests fast and easy


      In a nutshell; save time, save money and relax. Worst-case will work!

      chronVAL key features

      • Mathematical analysis of the real-time behavior
      • Verification of application deadlines
      • Validation of maximum message latencies
      • Evaluation of system performance
      • Graphical visualization of results
      • Abstract modeling of systems at task level
      • Validation of single and multi processor systems
      • Modeling of hierarchical scheduling methods (e.g. ARINC653)
      • Simple parameterization of complex stimuli
      • Fast and significant results due to latest algorithms
      • Integration with real-time simulator chronSIM

      Based on mathematical algorithms chronVAL analyses the real-time behavior of the software considering the hardware when stimulated by parameterized event scenarios. The hard- and software system architecture is modeled on an abstract level. By this abstraction it is possible to analyze the dynamics of complex embedded systems.

      chronVAL supports widely used standards.

      chronVAL Real-Time Analysis for Embedded Systems

      Sample Report

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