What’s New in
chronSUITE 3

chronSUITE 3 brings a whole load of new features to chronSIM and chronVIEW: enhanced modeling and simulation options, a fresh new UI, integration with FMI co-simulation, and support for the APP4MC AMALTHEA models.

Designed for Next-Generation Automotive Platforms

With hundreds of projects already developed using INCHRON’s leading timing optimization toolkit, you’ll probably be wondering if it makes sense to upgrade immediately. chronSUITE 3 is ideal for system architects, developers, integrators, and testers working on the most complex, next-generation automotive platforms. Review our list of new features and the roadmap below to determine whether your team should make the switch.

New Features and Highlights

  • Improved new user interface with enhanced trace view diagrams
  • Significantly expanded modeling options for specifying the execution behavior of processes and functions
  • Expanded model for queued communication and signal routing in event chains
  • Simulation of memory bus congestion effects
  • Support of the FMI standard for co-simulation
  • Importer for APP4MC AMALTHEA models

Detailed Call Graph Models

Improved Fast Trace Viewer

Memory Bus Load Simulation

Easy-to-Use Statistics

Migration of Model and Trace Files

  • Existing IPR model and ISF trace files are automatically converted to new format
  • Migration guide available for version 2 users

Should I Upgrade?

Upgrade to chronSUITE 3 if you:

  • Work with a single ECU, SoC, or microcontroller
  • Investigate issues related to memory congestion
  • Work with APP4MC AMALTHEA models
  • Need detailed models for examining the internal behavior of processes and functions

Stick with version 2 if you currently:

  • Need to model network peripherals for LIN, CAN, FlexRay, or Ethernet
  • Extensively work with event chains

chronSUITE 3 Feature Roadmap

While chronSUITE 3 offers many exciting new capabilities, we have many new features planned for the coming months, such as: 

  • Simulation of AUTOSAR Classic Platform / OSEK systems
  • Simulation of LIN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, and Ethernet network peripherals
  • Updates to chronVAL for schedulability analysis and formal timing verification
  • Improvements to chronOPT for architecture optimization
  • Graphical model editors for hardware, software, and event chains
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