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It is clear that the future for automotive is coupled with the software-defined vehicle. But how certain are you that new features deployed over the air will work as expected? Can you be sure that every hardware variant will correctly and consistently execute the feature without impacting existing functionality?

This is a worry we regularly discuss with our customers as they move into this new way of developing automotive software. However, there are some approaches available that are well-proven and significantly reduce the risks.

Flowcharts are one option, as they adequately describe complex scenarios and support timing and synchronization assignment. What results is a separation of causal relationships from the process or function calls executed at the technical level. Since this is a machine-readable format, it can even be used for simulation before hardware is available.

In our new white paper, “Why an event-chain-centered architecture design is a correct response to the challenges of developing software-defined vehicles,” we explore this approach related to assisted and autonomous driving technologies.

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