INCHRON Tool-Suite

INCHRON’s highly integrated Tool-Suite.
All you need to master real-time systems development.

Building on a Solid Foundation

The INCHRON Tool-Suite provides a comprehensive set of cutting-edge tools for development and maintenance of embedded systems. It is a one-stop solution that enables you to spend more time on making your products stand out of the crowd, while the INCHRON Tool-Suite considerably lowers your burden on real-time systems design, analysis, verification, testing, and documentation.

Runtime behavior issues are being addressed methodically across all phases of the development process, from the earliest requirements phases throughout the completion of the system integration process. Once the initial configuration is done, it takes just a mouse click to quantify the impact of design changes with respect to given timing requirements.

By monitoring the fulfillment of the real-time requirements continuously, you gain an early indication of the robustness and real-time capabilities of the system under development, thus preventing real-time issues from occurring in late phases of development, in which the issues are most expensive to fix.

Our methodology addresses developers, engineers, architects, and testers in many domains such as automation, healthcare, avionics, transportation, and automotive. The INCHRON Tool-Suite consists of three major tools featuring an integrated meta-model, common diagrams, views, and reporting of results.

Simply understand complex embedded systems.

Make reliable decisions based on facts.

Explore design alternatives.

Create robust real-time solutions.

Verify system and software real-time requirements.

Achieve safety goals.