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A.I. Corporation: INCHRON’s New Sales Partner in Japan

A.I. Corporation to Provide INCHRON Solutions, Support, Services, Consulting and Training to Embedded Systems Developers in Japan

Potsdam, July 26th, 2017.

INCHRON GmbH, headquartered in Potsdam, Germany, and A.I. Corporation (AIC), based in Tokyo, Japan, announce their sales partnership today. INCHRON is a leading global maker of cutting-edge tools, and a provider of services and consulting for the design, simulation, optimization, and testing of embedded systems and networks. A.I. Corporation, a solutions vendor, provides marketing, development and engineering services, focused on the engineering of software for embedded systems, communications and networks.

INCHRON’s company philosophy is to enable customers to develop embedded real-time solutions of highest quality, robustness, and reliability, by applying industry proven state-of-the-art methods and tools. For this purpose, INCHRON developed the INCHRON Tool-Suite, a comprehensive collection of tools that helps developers of embedded systems to create and maintain an in-depth understanding of the real-time behavior of their systems, from early feasibility studies to final release verification. Moreover, the INCHRON Tool-Suite supports the optimization of embedded systems in terms of performance and cost, such that the resulting products will be highly competitive without sacrificing any quality objectives. Due to the success of INCHRON’s methods and tools in the embedded systems market, renowned customers from automotive, mobile communications, avionics and defense industries rely on INCHRON to meet their current and future challenges. The automotive business, for instance, faces the huge challenge of paving the way towards autonomous driving. The INCHRON Tool-Suite already plays a key role in meeting this challenge.

INCHRON’s partnership with AIC fully leverages AIC’s strong footprint in the Japanese market as a well-established vendor of a large portfolio of industrial software solutions for embedded systems development. AIC has all the knowledge, experience and resources required to provide excellent customer support. AIC’s highly skilled team is fully committed to make Japanese customers successful by providing the right level of services and trainings.

AIC’s sound experience gained from many successful projects in the Japanese automotive industry perfectly matches INCHRON’s solution portfolio, thus enabling Japanese automotive customers to fully benefit from applying the latest embedded system development technologies, in a smooth and efficient way.


INCHRON GmbH is the world-wide leading provider of solutions for architecture, design, and automated optimization of real-time systems. Our solutions cover the whole range from single-core to multi-core to multi-CPU to distributed systems. Well-known OEMs and component suppliers world-wide rely on INCHRON’s methods and tools throughout the whole product life-cycle. Our solutions are being applied successfully all across industries like automotive, automation, avionics, defense, healthcare, mobile and M2M/IoT, and cover all phases of the development life cycle. Since INCHRON was founded in 2003, its consulting team delivered key contributions to more than 160 successful customer projects.

The INCHRON Tool-Suite provides an environment with a unique selection of powerful tools, covering simulation, worst-case analysis, automated optimization, and comprehensive visualization and analysis of traces. Our aspiration is to provide the latest, world-wide leading technologies and services to our customers. Therefore, we participate in international research projects, cooperate with renowned universities, and contribute with our expertise to the AUTOSAR consortium.

INCHRON products are available via local distributors in China, South Korea, Japan, India, and Israel, as well as via our world-wide distributor IBM, or directly from INCHRON.


About A.I. Corporation

A.I. Corporation (AIC) is a vendor of software solutions for embedded system design and development, representing over 15 software makers and providing nearly 100 embedded software products and solutions to the customers in Japan.

While embedded systems are rapidly growing in complexity and size, requiring shorter time to market and higher quality, employing emerging new technologies in a timely fashion, the mission of AIC is to provide a flexible and wide range of solutions for today’s embedded software design requirements.

They include supplying a piece of software component to the system, total OS solutions integrated with selected middleware components, development tools and packaged environments, and offering technical support, porting, and other engineering services to the customers who employ our products.

AIC’s solutions and products cover a broad range of industries such as consumer electronics devices, automotive and telematics, digital office equipment, communication and network equipment, and industrial control and factory automation, and many other industries where embedded microprocessor based systems are running.


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