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INCHRON markets two cutting-edge products: chronSIM and chronVAL aimed at engineers designing and testing embedded software. INCHRON makes the impossible possible. For the first time, engineers can detect and eliminate real-time bugs as they design the software.

chronSIM is the central INCHRON tool for design, visualization, quality testing and analysis of embedded systems. It allows your engineers to perform the most powerful real-time simulation, analysis and in-depth forecast of your embedded software's dynamic performance.

chronSIM empowers you to design the most suitable soft- and hardware architecture as well as the perfect task mapping onto the processors. You also create the optimal task structure, interrupt service routines scheme and scheduling procedure to maximize data throughput and to comply with all specified response times.

chronSIM uncovers and visualizes hidden dynamic operating sequences using state of the art UML based diagrams (sequence, task, state, stack, processor load, function nesting, etc.)

chronSIM provides you with accurate simulations of the response of your embedded systems to internal and external stimuli through events, analog and digital signals. You can additionally carry out Monte Carlo simulations and stress tests through random variations of the event times. 

chronSIM simulates your system without requiring costly hardware. System bottlenecks, stack overflows, real-time errors - you will be able to nip them in the bud.


Do you know the dynamic behavior of your system?

Figure it out with chronSIM

  • Select your view: single-core, multi-core, multi-processor, buses or distributed systems with several processors
  • Identify performance and timing bottlenecks
  • Determine latencies of event chains (end-to-end timing from sensor to actuator)
  • Understand the timing interaction between the software, peripherals and buses
  • Find overload situations
  • Follow event chains from sensor to actuator
  • Investigate critical scheduling effects of tasks and ISRs
  • Understand the root causes of real-time errors

Understanding the dynamic behavior is the key factor for success!

chronSIM the essential and vital tool for

  • System and software architects
  • Safety engineers
  • Timing engineers
  • Test engineers

chronSIM the best tool to

  • Design robust, scalable and efficient dynamic system and software architectures
  • Understand the dynamic system behavior
  • Find the most suitable mapping of software components to processors, cores, tasks or ISRs
  • Determine the best fitting scheduling scheme
  • Secure overload situations
  • Design safety margin to avoid butterfly effects
  • Ensure robustness via stress tests and sensitive analysis
  • Target-oriented architecture optimization with what-if analysis
  • Clarify and refine real-time requirements. This is especially important in collaboration projects with Tier-1, Tier-2 and OEM
  • Make efficient feasibility study during tender phase or after change requests
  • Reduce the risk to fail already at the beginning


In a nutshell, save time, save money and relax with your best design!

chronSIM key features

  • Fast evaluation of new features via virtual integration
  • Considers clock drift between ECUs
  • Monitors real-time requirements online during simulation
  • Extensive statistical analysis (e.g. event chain latencies, response time distribution)
  • Functional correct simulation of source code models, considers data dependent execution times
  • Distributions of execution times and stimulations
  • Simple parameterization of complex stimuli
  • In-depth understanding of dynamic system behavior and root causes via timing diagrams (e.g. load, taskstate, sequence, gantt, call nesting) and overall statistical results (e.g. histograms and boxplots)
  • Supports different communication buses like FlexRay, CAN, Ethernet and AFDX
  • Modeling of hierarchical scheduling methods
  • Supports multi-core scheduling (BMP and SMP)
  • Scales from budget oriented models to in-depth analysis of source code
  • Report generation in HTML and CSV with fully customizable templates
  • Batch mode for workflow automation
  • Import and export of requirement from tools like IBM Rational DOORS

chronSIM supports widely used standards.

Real-Time Simulator chronSIM

Sample Report

Automatically generated html-Report of an engine control unit (ECU)

chronSIM Tool-Demo

Quicktime-Video (31 MB)

The development of the underlying technology of the INCHRON Tool-Suite was funded by financial means of the Ministry of Economics of the State Brandenburg and the European Union. The responsibility for the content is solely with the authors.

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