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Real-Time Viewer and Analyzer

chronVIEW Real-Time Viewer and Analyzer


chronVIEW offers a highly scalable solution for the visual inspection and verification of large hardware traces. Its unique flexible GUI wizard allows the import of data from manifold sources, e.g. generated by instrumented code, debuggers, and other custom sources. Equipped with methodologically sound graphs and charts, chronVIEW enables the user to view and analyze recorded data from many different perspectives.

Deployed in many successful customer projects, chronVIEW has proven to be a driver for reliable decisions and optimizations based on facts.

Do you know the real-time health of your system?

Figure it out with chronVIEW

  • Import and visualize your measured hardware traces
  • Experience new ways to explore and analyze the real-time behavior
  • Safeguard your real-time requirements and ensure traceability
  • Find overload situations
  • Follow event chains from sensor to actuator
  • Investigate critical scheduling effects of tasks and ISRs
  • Understand the root causes of real-time errors
  • Improve the quality of your work products
  • Make reliable decisions based on facts

Real-time health is the key factor for success!

chronVIEW the essential and vital tool for

  • V&V engineer
  • Test engineers
  • System and software architects
  • Software engineers
  • Function developers
  • Safety engineers

chronVIEW key features

  • Import of various standard (e.g. Elektrobit, ETAS, Express Logic, Gliwa, Green Hills, iSYSTEM, Lauterbach, Vector, Windriver) and custom trace formats
  • Intelligent GUI wizard with built-in error detection, indication, and correction
  • Full support of multi-core and multi-CPU traces
  • Capable of handling very large traces
  • Visualization of RTOS scheduling, function nesting, data and control flow, user-defined events and event sequences, data values and rates, stack consumption etc.
  • Verification of timing requirements (e.g. net execution time, response time, end-to-end timing, CPU / bus load, jitter, data consistency, RTOS failures)
  • Continuous traceability of requirements (e.g. for IBM DOORS)
  • Extensive statistical analysis and data extraction capabilities (e.g. stimulation pattern, net execution time and response time distribution)
  • Automated model generation for simulation and analysis
  • Report generation in HTML and CSV with fully customizable templates
  • Batch mode for workflow automation

Seamless integration with our partner mesurement tools

  • Elektrobit
  • Gliwa

The development of the underlying technology of the INCHRON Tool-Suite was funded by financial means of the Ministry of Economics of the State Brandenburg and the European Union. The responsibility for the content is solely with the authors.

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